Kiet Thai

Kiet Thai was born in Vietnam. His family fled the country soon thereafter and eventually landed in a small town in North Carolina. He grew up on chopsticks, hot pot, rice, cheerwine, sweet tea, bbq, calabash, cow pastures, and Wal-Mart.

Kiet is now an art director based in Los Angeles. He brings more than 7 years of design and leadership experience to each project. With a background in graphic design, animation, and photography, he has created work for ad agencies, production companies, and television networks.

As a photographer, Kiet has been taking pictures since high school when he was handed down his first camera, a Pentax ME Super. He participated in his first group exhibition in April 2009 as part of the inaugural MOPLA celebration. His photography was exhibited at the Fine Arts Dealers Association: LA Art Show in January 2010. GroupSC 2009 is Kiet’s third group show.


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