Gina Genis

Living in a retirement community as a “youngster” is an experience I never thought I
would enjoy. My mother was diagnosed with dementia two years ago, so it was necessary
for me to move in with her to assist her everyday needs. Little did I know it would lead to
a deeper understanding of humanity, enhanced compassion, and an opportunity to document the
lives of senior citizens at this particular time in our culture. Health care is the prevailing
political concern, and its importance becomes glaring when dealing with the elderly.

There are many lively, active seniors who take advantage of the pools, golf course,
horse stables, art and photography studios, and clubs for every imaginable hobby.
There is also glaring loneliness and isolation. My goal is to present the good, the bad, the
beautiful, and the ugly of aging in America.

Are you ready to face your future?


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