Judith Ann Warren


Judith Ann Warren’s portrait and personal work took an unexpected turn when in early 2004 she volunteered to help out a fund-raising event held by LA-based non-profit international and domestic disaster relief agency, Operation USA. In the process of deciding a volunteer position, she offered her services as a photographer to document their event. This event was the beginning of a journey expanding her work as a photojournalist for humanitarian causes, embracing her activist nature in her art, stirring an even deeper desire and commitment to documenting people and their lives through her photos. Judith Ann’s photo-advocacy work has included: “Winter-Preparedness” on the Native American Indian Reservations of South Dakota and Wyoming; preparation of millions of dollars of medical and shelter supplies and its resulting airlift to victims of the South Asia Tsunami; disaster relief efforts in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; Santa Rosa village in Nicaragua ten years after the devastation of Hurricane Mitch; and most recently, Judith Ann traveled with InterAction and Relief International to Darfur, Sudan to cover humanitarian efforts on behalf of refugees of the Darfur Genocide living in Zam Zam Camp outside of El Fasher, Darfur as well as humanitarian aid workers in Darfur, Sudan.


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